Underwear versus Adult Diaper

Most people who have a problem with incontinence wonder which solution will work best for them. There are many factors to consider before making the right choice. Read on to see if Pristine Life is the right choice for you.


Absorbency required

The kind of incontinence and the amount of urine that is expelled at once without control will be one of the major deciding factors. The adult diapers have a higher absorbency with a capacity of about 450 ml which is about the capacity of an adult bladder capacity. The capacity of the underwear from Pristine Life is about 25ml for women incontinence underwear and about 35 ml for men incontinence underwear. This is about a tenth of the bladder capacity. If the amount of urine leaked without control is light in stress incontinence or urge incontinence, then the underwear from Pristine Life is the better choice.


Urine or Bowel

Underwear from Pristine Life is appropriate for Urinary Incontinence only. Pristine Life’s 3 layer protection is provided only at the regions where urine is expelled from and it is not appropriate for bowel incontinence.


Social Aspect

Adult diapers are bulky and show through the clothing. At the same time they are worried of leaking and the wetness showing through their outfits. This can be rather embarrassing for an adult while socialising. A lot of men and women who suffer from light urine leaks curb an active lifestyle. Pristine Life underwear is the perfect solution in these cases. 


Using adult diapers will turn out to be more expensive than using underwear from Pristine Life. A single adult diaper costs around Rs.40 per unit and will have to be disposed off after use. Underwear from Pristine Life is washable and reusable for over many washes making it the more cost effective solution.


Earth Friendliness

Adult diapers are disposed off and they end up in land fills thereby polluting the earth. As underwear from Pristine Life are wash and reuse they are more friendly to the earth,


As you can see there are many factors you will need to consider before deciding which option is best suited for you.