About Us

Pristine Life

In India, over 50 million people suffer from incontinence problem. They suffer in silence due to the shame associated with bladder leaks & end up compromising on their active life. Wearing adult diapers is bulky & dampens the confidence.

Pristine Life is a range of washable and reusable cotton and cotton blend underwear for men and women to help them claim their lives back.

Pristine Life products are made with utmost care with best quality fabrics and trims.

The Company

Pristine Life is a Yashram Lifestyle brand (www.yashram.com). Yashram Lifestyle is focused on creating unique products and solutions for comfortable and quality lifestyle.

Yashram Lifestyle owns the following brands;

Adira (www.myadira.com)

Morph Maternity (www.morphmaternity.com)

How To Tell Your Child (www.howtotellyourchild.com)

Pristine Life (www.pristine-life.com)