Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the urine go?

Pristine Life underwear are made with ultra-thin, built-in technology that’s specially designed to absorb up to 10 ml of liquid. Our tech can be found in the gusset of every pair of underwear. It is absorbent, moisture-wicking, anti-odor, and protects against wetness—so you stay fresh and dry all day.

Will it smell?

No! Pristine Life under has an anti-odor treatment that naturally neutralizes and eliminates smells.

Will there be a feeling of wetness?

The Men’s Pristine Life Underwear absorbs up to 45ml and Women’s Pristine Life Underwear absorbs upto 35ml of liquid without bulking up or spilling over, and our special moisture barrier helps prevent wetness.

Are they reusable?

Yes they are!. Pristine Life underwear are worn and washed just like regular underwear. They are a sustainable choice over adult diapers or pads. 

Can I wear them all day and night?

Yes, absolutely! We sourced safe, non-toxic materials for our technology so they can be worn worry-free. They are also more eco-friendly compared to adult diapers. 

How long do these underwear last?

Pristine Life underwear will last for 12-18 months if you care for them properly. However, like all underwear it’s best you replace them every 6 months or so.