Medical Devices

There are some medical products that can be considered for managing incontinence. While some of the methods are invasive and needs a doctors prescription, there are a few products that will easy your lifestyle and will not need a doctor to prescribe it.

Absorbent adult diapers that are worn discreetly under clothing are available in different sizes for both men and women. Incontinence under wear from Pristine Life can be used for those with mild or moderate leakage. You can buy them here.  If you are in confusion whether you should use diapers or incontinence underwear, you can read the article UNDERWEAR VS DIAPER that will help you make the right choice. The above two products do not need a doctors prescription to buy. 

Doctors may prescribe products that block the flow of urine, such as a small, disposable adhesive patch that fits over the urethral opening, a tampon-like urethral plug, or a vaginal insert called a pessary.

Catheters could be recommended by doctors in case of unmanageable incontinence. Due to a higher risk of developing infections and kidney stones, catheters are usually a last resort and used only for severely ill patients.


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