Causes For Urinary Incontinence

One of the main contributors for urinary incontinence is to do with the urinary bladder and issues with the pelvic floor muscles.  The types of issues that arise due to the bladder are

Small bladder

Though it is highly unlikely anyone has a small bladder, it is possible to have a functionally small bladder. This means for many reasons, a person can’t hold a lot of urine. As a result there is a constant need to use the toilet. It is more of a psychological need than a physical one.

Overactive bladder

An overactive bladder causes an uncontrollable and unstoppable urge to use the toilet frequently. This may happen even though the bladder has only a small amount of urine. The condition affects more women than men. This condition tends to worsen with age.

Bladder infection

A bladder infection is a common condition with many women experiencing it. A woman’s shorter urethra allows the bacteria to reach the bladder quickly. Bladder infection is also one of the reasons that causes urinary incontinence. Pristine Life’s underwear’s 1st Layer is made with a special hi-tech fabric that is anti- microbial and anti-fungal and prevents urinary tract infections.

Bladder cancer

Bladder cancer affects both men and women. Cancer in the bladder develops when cells within the bladder grow abnormally. As the bladder is directly affected by the disease, the bladder’s functionality is reduced and this can lead to incontinence.

Weakened Pelvic Floor Muscles

A woman’s pelvic floor muscles support her bladder, the uterus and the bowel. As a woman ages or a pregnancy and child birth can weaken these muscles causing incontinence.

Women with stress incontinence will find pelvic floor muscle training can help in getting over this problem. Pelvic floor muscle training may also help women who have urge incontinence.