An Underwear. Not A Diaper

Hygienic, Absorbent, Comfortable & Discreet

Let Nothing Come Between Life & You

Underwear For Light Leaks

Product description

With incontinence underwear, you can head out for a jog, have a productive day at work, and hang out with friends without the worry or embarrassment of leaks.

Soft cotton incontinence underwear that is hygienic, highly absorbent & leakproof. Made with 3 layers of high-tech fabrics. It keeps you fresh day & night.

Adult diapers are bulky, show through pants, and dampen self-confidence. With Pristine Life, you can be your confident self. 100%.

Product highlights

Super Thin Crotch Layer: Looks, feels & is a regular pair of underwear. Separate fits for men & women.

Anti Odor: Anti-fungal & anti-microbial technology, it keeps you fresh & hygienic through days & nights

Wash & Reuse: India's first Hi-Tech wash & reuse incontinence innerwear. They can be rinsed off and washed with other clothing in the washing machine. Lasts through many washes.

Wallet Friendly: A more cost effective solution compared to adult diapers.

THE KEY Features


With moisture-management & anti microbial technologies built into it, it is health & lifestyle all the way.

Soft Cotton:

A regular pair of underwear made with soft cotton and high technology for comfort during day and night.

Earth Friendly:

Disposable diapers create a lot of trash & cause enviornmental risks. Pristine Life's underwear are reusable & earth-friendly.

Here's what Our customers say

Better than expected

Right after my baby's birth, I started having issues with light leaks whenever I lifted weights or sneezed. I had to take care of my baby, go to work, and manage my home. Added to that was the issue of urine leaks. These underwears have been such a great help.


Age is not on my side, but PristineLife Is

As with most men, my prostate gland enlarged with my age and started causing urinary incontinence. I am not ready to wear a diaper and go out. I have only light leaks. These underwear work like magic for my needs!  


Soft and comfortable

Going out was scary as I did not know when I will have a leak and be embarrassed around my friends or family. These panties have been a blessing for me. They are soft and comfortable and really soak up any leaks keeping me feeling dry.
Thank you Pristine Life!